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Pilkinton World of Tools Museum Catalogs OLD Catalogs are the backbone of modern research into tools and the history of technology. Sadly the history of technological change is poorly recorded and often inaccurately reported. Once a manufacturer is gone there is only one record of what they produced and when.

Patents are also a source of such information. However, many tools are not worthy of a patent and many patents are for devices that were never produced due to being impractical to manufacture or other reasons. So we are back to catalogs.

Catalogs only tell a small part of the story. Most industrial catalogs do not provide information on the actual manufacturers of many items. In the case of swage blocks many are sold with no information other than dimensions and price.
So, we look for the oldest possible catalogs and a variety of catalogs. The two above are from the late Hunter Pilkinton's ( -2007) World of Tools Museum. They are from a reference library he has collected over 60 years. I have been collecting catalogs for research (when I could afford it) for a much shorter period of time but I have some that were new when my father got them in the 1950's as well as a few that I was just lucky to find. There is also a small number of catalogs being reprinted or committed to digital images. See the bibliography at the bottom of this page for some details.
Vulcan Brand Illinois Iron and Bolt Co. catalog page.
A large collection of blocks with dimensions and ID numbers. more
Erroneous Swage Block Catalog Item
J.H. Fall 1896? Hardware Catalog more
Swage Block Catalog Item
1920 Carpenter Wholesale Hardware Catalog more
1896 Belknap Catalog Page Swage Block Catalog Item
1892 W.B. Belknap Louisville, KY Catalog more
Zaalblokken Dutch Industrial Swage Block zaalblokken - Swage Block:
1912 Dutch catalog of blacksmiths tools. more
Green River Swage Blocks: Updated
1929 Catalog listing of Noyes Foundry Co. Green River blocks with table of dimensions and weights. more
1899 Little Giant Swage Block Ad Little Giant Swage Blocks:
1899 Carey Machinery Catalog listing of Little Giant blocks with table of dimensions. more
Belknap Catalog icon Tapered Cones and Swage Blocks Catalog Listing
1917 Belknap Hardware catalog page detail. more

Bibliography of old and reprint catalogs
J.H. Fall & Co. Wholesale Hardware
1896 Nashville, Tennesee. Large leather bound folio edition approximately 500-600 pages. Registered business licence in Nashville and Davidson Co., TN 1895. - World of Tools Museum

Geo. B. Carpenter & Co. 1840-1920, Calalogue No. 110
1920 Chicago, Illinois. Large paper bound edition. Address given as 440 Wells Street. In 1907 advertised yacht sails and marine hardware with an address of 200-208 South Water Street. - World of Tools Museum

Machinery and Supplies, Carey 1899
Thos. K. Carey &l Bro's Co. Baltimore, Maryland 1899. Engine, Boilers, Pumps, Metal & Wod Working, Machinery. 808 pages. (first Edition 1886) - authors collection.

Carey Machinery & Supply Co. Catalog 10th Edition.
Baltimore, Maryland 1929. 624 pages. - authors collection.

Manning, Maxwell & Moore, Railway and Machinists' Tools and Supplies
Illustrated Catalogue of 1894. - Frank Turley collection

Louis Reijners Amsterdam, Gereedschappen
1912 Dutch tool catalog reprint by Hottemper Publishing. 220 pages - authors collection.

Tools Machinery Blacksmiths' Supplies
Sears, Roebuck and Co. Chicago, Illinois. 1915. 1985 second printing by the Mid West Tool Collectors Association and the Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America. No blocks or cones - authors collection.

William Dixon Catalog
1926 Newark, New Jersey. Known for their jewlers and precision tools they carried every variety of craftsman's tools. Dappping blocks - authors collection.

W. B. Belknap
1896 Louisville, Kentucky. "Importers and Jobbers of Hardware" Large industrial and wholesale hardware supply catalog. (1840 - 1986)

Illinois Iron and Bolt Co. Vulcan Brand Swage Blocks
- provided by Frank Turley


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