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Wiley and Russel Blacksmiths Cone Mandrel
Wiley & Russell MFG. Co. Greenfield, Mass Blacksmiths Cone Mandrel

Steve Prillwitz Collection

This is a very fine example of a 19th century Patent blacksmiths cone mandrel. The unique feature of this cone is the removable tip with the same socket section as the cone. This is much stronger than those with a square hardie shank and still provides three points to clamp in a vise.

Wiley and Russell Cone Detail

According to Mike Magee, this has been the only 58" Wiley & Russell cone to be at a SOFA convention since is started, and he says they are very rare. The shorter sizes are more common.

Height 58"
Bottom dia. 14"
Top dia. 2-3/4"
Weight 215 lbs.

Wiley & Russell was established in 1872 to manufacture thread cutting tools. The company's product line expanded with tools and machinery for farriers, blacksmiths and wheelwrights using the "Green River" trademark.

Wiley & Russell

In 1912 Wiley & Russell Mfg. Co. was acquired by Greenfield Tap & Die Corp. The Wiley & Russell name, along with all tools and machinery not related to thread cutting, were discontinued after 1916.

Greenfield, Massachusetts was the home of many tool and machinery manufacturers. It appears the B.B. Noyes Foundry Co. took over the lines of blacksmiths tools or at least copied and manufactured many designs from other local companies as the went out of business. It is speculated that they may have been a job shop and were doing the casting and some manufacturing for these other companies.

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