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Antique Personal Swage Block

Antique Rectangular Custom Swage Block

Antique Personal Swage Block:
This block is typical of personal patterns made by smiths for their own use. Personal blocks predate the production manufacturing of blocks. It is estimated from the style and deep rust pitting that this block dates from the early to mid 1700's.

Approximate dimensions: 4 x 6 x 13" (100 x 150 x 330mm)

Personal swage blocks are usually a simple pattern without cored holes as almost anyone with hand skills can carve a pattern of this type. Making core boxes and core prints for cast holes is the domain of the professional pattern maker. Patterns of this type may have even been without draft (taper to remove the pattern from the sand), the founder rapping the pattern hard enough to have it clear the sand without draft as they do when making a casting from an existing part. While this is not suitable in production it is often done on one-off castings.

This is a well designed useful block pattern. Josh Greenwood collection.


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