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Jewelers' Dapping Blocks

FindingKing Steel Dapping Block FindingKing Steel Dapping Block
FindingKing Brass Dapping Block Dixon Square Dapping Block

Jeweler's Dapping Blocks:

Used by jewelers and watchmakers these small bench blocks look surprisingly like blacksmiths swage blocks but are in fact only a few inches on a side. The large brass block is only a 2.5" (64mm) cube. This style block was often made as small as a 1.5" (38mm) cube. The old Dixon block was a large one measuring 4 x 4 x 2" (102 x 102 x 51mm).

Most dapping block features are limited in form to simple geometric shapes because they are machined on milling machines. These shapes include V's, half rounds, hemispheres, square grooves and drilled holes all highly polished. Because they are a machined block they are a relatively new tool not being available until the late 19th century. Dapping blocks are also made that are cylindrical or hexagonal.

Spherical end punch sets and circle cutting dies for round blanks are also available to go with the dapping blocks.

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