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1929 Green River Swage Block Ad with Table of Dimensions

B.B. Noyes & Co. Green River Swage Blocks:

From page 577 of the Carey Machinery & Supply Co. Baltimore, Maryland 1929 Catalog #10. These were the typical industrial production blocks of the time and had the option of being machined (planed) flat.

The earlier Green River blocks were probably made by Wiley & Russel, then later by the Noyes Foundry Company, both of Greenfield, Massachusetts. Noyes made a variety blacksmithing equipment including the Greenfield Caulking Vise and Noyes drill presses. It is speculated that Noyes may have been a job shop and were doing the casting and some manufacturing for these other companies. They definitely took over lines of tools previously made by others.

Earlier ad for unnamed Green River blocks in the Manning, Maxwell & Moore, Railway and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, Illustrated Catalogue of 1894. Courtesy of Frank Turley.    Stand Detail
B.B. Noyes & Co. Green River Swage Block Photos of small Noyes Foundry Co. swage block with details. more

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