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Devil Horn Swage Block

Two views bow legged industrial swage block
Cast Bolster Plate and bow legged industrial swage block lying flat Bow legged or Devil Horn Block:

This interesting industrial swage block was found in Port Allegany, Pennsylvania USA. It belonged to an approximately 80 year old gentlemen who's grandfather was a blacksmith and used this tool. That would place the manufacturing date between 1860 and 1900. The bolster plate came from the same shop.

This block weighs 99½ lbs. (45kg). It is 4" thick x 9¾ wide and 16" long (102 x 248 x 406mm). The deep swage is 7¾" wide and 5½" deep Note the 60° V's on the block and the large cast in chamfers. The curve of the legs is also interesting in that it is not a smooth geometric curve. It was either laid out using a compass in segments or using a bent rule and blended free hand.

The cast bolster plate is an unusual piece. Most bolster plates were smith made or for one size shank with various shoulders.

Photos by Brande Brookins


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