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Dense Industrial Swage Block

Dense Industrial Swage Block

Dense Industrial Swage Block:

This block is a good example of a very "dense" swage block. Block density is the ratio of solid material to features, particularly holes. In many industrial blocks the density is as low as 40 or 50%. This makes them easy to cast because the features reduce the thickness of the cast sections. Large cast sections tend to shrink a lot and require a lot of extra metal in the rises to assure a good solid block. It also increases the expense because as much as half the metal poured may go into risers that get cut off. The higher the block density the more difficult it is to cast properly.

The denser the block the heavier duty it is. A dense block can withstand heavy forging with sledges where a low density block may break in two.

This is a very heavy duty block as well as being very heavy. All the features can take the heaviest use without damage.

Photos courtesy of Steve Prillwitz of Matchless Antiques.


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