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Illinois Iron and Bolt Co. Vulcan Brand Swage Blocks

Illinois Iron and Bolt Co. Vulcan Brand Swage Blocks:

Glossy flier from the 1960's. Prices marked on the original averaged about 85 cents per pound.

What we do not know is if these were all made by II&B or if they sold blocks made by others. If they cast them all then this would make II&B the largest maker of blocks in the U.S. II&B made quite a number of tools so this IS a distinct possibility.

Illinois Iron and Bolt Co., Carpentersville, Illinois manufactured Vulcan anvils with arm and hammer logo from about 1875 until about 1969*. These are not to be confused with the Arm and Hammer BRAND anvil. The Vulcan anvil was a steel faced cast iron anvil made in the mold like the Fisher-Norris "Eagle" anvils. As a manufacturer this indicates positively that they had a captive foundry.

There is still a distinct possibility they sold others blocks OR had bought others patterns by the time this flyer was printed sometime in the 1960's. The No. 0½ block is identical to the Little Giant No. 2 from 1899.

II&B's number system for anvils was similar to the blocks above starting with 00 and including a 17½ model. Since they were also known to make cone mandrels then the numbers on the Geo. B. Carpenter & Co. Catalog page may have also originated with II&B.

Source : Frank Turley

* Anvils in America, Richard Postman 1998, p.204
Antique Rectangular Custom Swage Block Unusual Rectangular Block:
This block was thought to be a personal pattern but has proven to be commercial (above). more
Industrial Swage Block Unusual Industrial Swage Block:
Triangular and rectangular holes mark this as an unusual block.
Possibly an II&B Vulcan brand no.0½ with the cores rearranged for strength. OR another version of the Little Giant No. 2.

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