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Anvil Swage Multi-Purpose Block

Anvil Swage from Israel:

This interesting block comes to us from Tsur Sadan an Israeli blacksmith. This block has several unique features. The most obvious is that it is fully anvil shaped. The other is the rectangular work block receiving groove in the bottom. While some blocks have this feature few have such a nice large space.

A work block is normally made of steel and may or may not be hardened. They often have small drilled holes and concave depressions for riveting, milled grooves to hold small work, pins for bending or a combination of features used in making a specific item. The block is wedged into a rectangular groove in an anvil or swage. These are most commonly found on cutler's anvils.

A round "pritchel" hole and a square "hardy" hole in the anvil face completes this block.

Length 24" (610 mm), width 6" (152 mm) height 10" (254 mm)
Weight is 176 pounds (80 kg).

This was not an easy block to cast. It has long slender cored holes on two different axiis and the slopes on the horns. Please contact us if you know more about this block

Tsur Sadan collection.

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