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Betty Lamp Swage Block

Betty Lamp Swage from Travis Fleming
Betty lamp artist blacksmith swage block by WHM :

16.25 long 7.25 wide and 3.75 thick.

This is a very interesting block in that it is a modern signed block of primitive design. This would be classed a personal block even though we have more than one because it is very specialized in nature and probably not cast in large quantities. It is primitive because it completely wastes the sides which is an expensive waste of metal.

While the Betty Lamp pan mold is fairly obvious. The purpose of the cylindrical shape could only be understood by the maker. As an enclosed candle mold shape it is useless in blacksmithing or tinsmithing. The candy mold heart shape could be useful especially if there was a series of sizes. Neither of these blocks have seen much use. The one above needs to be heavily ground in all the depressions to be useful. The block below is a smoother casting and appears to have had some use but that may be due to cleaning with a power wire brush.

The rough casting is typical of modern blocks because no facing or finishing sand is used in the mold. Note the WHM signiture or logo that reads the same upside down.

This is a block only the maker or a collector could like. The cost of the metal for such limited use would put most of us off.

From Travis Fleming and the Steve Prillwitz collection.
Betty Lamp Swage from Steve Prillwitz


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