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The Square in Round Block

Round Square Swage Block
The Square Peg in a Round Hole Block:

While on the surface this looks like a typical odd industrial or specialty block made for a specific purpose it is in fact very unusual. It has three pass through holes that are square on one end and round on the other. It also has a V that merges at the corner with a U creating a very different corner and a hemisphere that breaks through on one side and at a hole.

One round hole breaks into the same half round U. This would seem to be bad random placement of the hole but in fact requires carefully and purposely made cores. So does the hemisphere that breaks through in two places. This is a block designer's block. It may have been a specialty block but the designer or patternmaker was also showing off to other makers.

The cope (top side) of the above exapmle has casting flaws from being shorted metal or from the top of the mold colapsing. While in most castings this severe a flaw that would make it scrap. But swage blocks are heavy and it takes a lot of fuel to melt that much metal. So many not so perfcet blocks are sold as seconds or discounted. Since this block had no features on the cope side the flaw is not critical.

A very interesting old block.

Steve Prillwitz collection.


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