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Armourer's Swage

Unusual Four Armed (legged?) Armourer's Swage:

This block or anvil is from a collection of armourer's tools that are said to be very ancient. However, the finish, lack of use or wear and the details of the pattern indicate that it is a fairly recent block. The block was found in a Maryland, USA collection.

I question the practicality of this design. The working surfaces are limited by the closeness of the features and how they attach to the body of the block. The soft cast material is also insuficiently durable for typical cold sheet forming and planishing. While this tool may be useful the metal may have been better used to make stakes and a stake holder. The pattern also has little art to it. This is typical of modern patterns made to specification without art or a model.

If you know anything about this tool (such as who made it, or if you have seen similar tools) we would like to know.


  • Base 10" x 12-1/2"
  • Height 10"
  • Weight 124 lbs (56.25 kg)
  • Conical Measurements:
    • 1-3/4" Diameter
    • 2-3/4" Diameter
    • 2-7/16" Diameter
    • 3-1/4" Diameter
  • Half Round Groove Measurements:
    • 5-1/2"
    • 4-1/4"
    • 4"
    • 3"
Ironsmyter Collection


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