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English Industrial Block

English Industrial Swage:

This is a common industrial block design and stand very similar to the Green River blocks. One or the other is a copy or one is imported from the other country.

This blocked has the added feature of having been machined flat. A rarity or expensive option on some blocks.
Block Design Comparison
Block Errors
From the front edge this looks like a good heavy duty block but the far side has two weak corners and the cored holes are too close to the edge features. The odd asymmetrical placement of the cores is poor art.
Modified Image
With very little modification the weak corners can be fixed. Simply closing the space between the hex shapes moves them away from the corners. Slightly rearranging the cores strengthens the entire block and equalizes the masses.
The two differences betwwen a heavy duty and and a light duty industrial block is the thickness and general strength. The strength is determined by two things, lack of design mistakes (weak corners, poorly located cores), and core density. The fewer holes the stouter the block, the more holes weaker the block. The block above has a 3:1 thickness ratio which is in the heavy duty range. The cores are also few enough to be considered in the heavy duty range. But the simple mislocation of a few features reduces the durabiltiy of this tool greatly.


  • Base 9" x 9"
  • Thickness 3"
  • Weight 45.7 lbs (21.7 kg)
  • Stand size 1 x 1 ft square, height 1 ft.
Andy Mason, UK Collection

Industrial Swage Block

Small Industrial Block on Stand:
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