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Block Patterns from
Progressive Engineering

Pair of old wood patterns
Patterns from Progressive Engineering Works Ltd., Vancouver, BC Canada:

Progressive Engineering Works Ltd., Vancouver BC operated from 1917 until 1997. PEW was involved with the Forestry, Mining, Ship building, and lots of municipal infrastructure projects in BC. These photos were provided by Ross MacMillan, who's family operated Progressive Engineering Works. He claims thes patterns were used in the business. However, they (or the design) seems to have originated elsewhere as they were listed in catalogs 20 years prior to 1917. At least one block has been found with the "Southern Crescent" logo on it.

The pattern above is listed in three sizes in several catalogs, one of the last being the Illinois Iron and Bolt Co. Vulcan Brand swage blocks listing from the 1960's.

Industrial Swage Block
Southern Crescent Combination Industrial Swage Block:
A combination swage block. more

An example from one version of the above pattern.

J.H. Fall Catalog Image

J.H. Fall 1896? Hardware Catalog
An erroneous swage block listing more

Early illustration of both the above blocks.

The color in these photos is typical of old collections of patterns. Well maintained patterns are often shellacked and painted. But old patterns become the color of the black foundry sand.

More Patterns:

Cheese swage block pattern

Cheese swage block pattern:
An atrist blacksmiths' block similar to round jewler's dapping block. more

Wooden Fisher block pattern

Fisher swage block pattern:
Block pattern from the Fisher-Norris Company. more


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