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Single Position Industrial Swage

Single Position Industrial Swage Block:

Submitted by Bruce Beamish of Australia. Text and Image processing by Jock Dempsey.

Years ago I had seen one of these but they are pretty rare in the US. This one is from Australia and we have a catalog page with a similar block from Holland.

At first glance this block looks like it is wasting edge space. However, what it loses in edge space it gains in never needing to be turned on end or flipped on its side. On big blocks this can be a serious issue requiring help or a hoist (or both).

A unique feature on this block is the row of short half hexes. These do not need to go fully across an edge because they were used for short work (nuts and bolts).

With some minor modernizations this would be a useful modern pattern.

Dimensions 18.9" by 18.9" Square
3 7/8" thick 4.5 x 4.5" raised edge
Weight 140 pounds

Zaalblokken Dutch Industrial Swage Block

zaalblokken - Swage Block:
1912 Dutch catalog of blacksmiths tools p.73 more


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